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    Village to celebrate 60th Annual Harbor Days

    Jul 24th, at 3:37am

    ELK RAPIDS – For six decades, the residents of Elk Rapids have come together to celebrate their place on the water with Harbor Days. This year...Read More


    From the Back of the Pack: Kingsley Heritage Days 5K and Fun Run

    Jul 24th, at 3:37am

    Race director, Jessica Stark, who doubles as a recreational therapist at the Lighthouse Neurological Rehab Center, welcomed volunteers and twice as...  Read More

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        Beach Boys continue riding the wave of timeless hits

        Jul 24th, at 3:37am

        INTERLOCHEN – For more than 50 years, the harmonies of the Beach Boys have captivated audiences around the world. On Thursday, July 30, the...  Read More

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        July 2015 Insider Calendar

        Jul 22nd, at 2:09pm

        Insider Calendar Read More

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